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What is Walk and Talk therapy (Ecotherapy)?

Quite simply, it is a counselling session that takes place outside. You are still able to talk about what is of concern to you and you will still receive the same understanding and support as you would in a traditional counselling session. The only difference is that we will be outside, walking in a natural environment. As I only offer online counselling at present, Walk and Talk therapy offers an alternative for clients who do not wish or are unable to attend sessions from their home and would prefer to meet with me in person in a Covid secure setting.

There has been a lot of research to show the benefits of walking and of being outside. It can help with low mood and depression and moving the body can help to release endorphins, which in turn help to relieve stress and pain. Gentle exercise also has physical health benefits.

In addition, some people find it easier to talk while walking side-by-side with the counsellor as there is less eye contact which can feel very daunting especially for those clients with very low self-esteem.

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Who is this type of counselling suitable for?

You do not need to be super fit for this type of therapy as we walk at a pace which is comfortable for you and if you wish, we can stop and sit down. The purpose of the session is to talk and not to have a workout.

If you already enjoy being outside, Walk and Talk may feel more comfortable for you than meeting over Zoom but also if you are feeling isolated and lonely, being outside may help you to feel connected to the world.

Perhaps the silence of the therapy room is uncomfortable for you? Nature provides a constant background noise which can help and is often calming for many people.

Our initial session will be online so we can talk about how suitable this form of therapy would be for you and to ensure you are prepared for an outdoor session.

Please contact me now and let me help.

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